Casting the Circle

Consecrate Tools (new) on altar (draw invoking pentacle with athame, sprinkle with salt/water and fire and air)

We call upon you Oh Creatures of Earth, Air, Fire and Water to protect this circle and aid in our rites. Wherefore we do bless and consecrate thee. So Mote It Be.
Repeat for all tools (first time use)

Light candles used for reading then cast circle. To cast circle walk deosil around circle three times. First with Earth and Water (saltwater) Second with Air and Fire (burning incense) and third with athame visualizing bluish white light from tip.

Oh Sacred Circle be a meeting place of love and joy
in Perfect Love and Perfect Trust.
A shield against all negativity and evil intent.
A circle of protection for all who stand herein.
Wherefore we do bless and consecrate thee
This circle is cast, safe and secure,
A sacred space for all that is pure.
So Mote It Be

Call upon the Guardians:
Guardians of the Watchtower gather near
Encircle our home and family with Perfect Love and Perfect Trust

Guardian of the North we beckon thee
Guardian of Knowledge and Information
Lend us your power; give us Perception and Understanding
Be with us now Powers of Earth

Guardian of the East we beckon thee
Guardian of All Things Bright and Beautiful
Lend us your power; give us Clarity and Vision
Be with us now Powers of Air

Guardian of the South we beckon thee
Guardian of All Things Warm and Living
Lend us your power; give us Energy and Intuition
Be with us now Powers of Fire

Guardian of the West we beckon thee
Guardian of Things Yet To Come
Lend us your power; give us Love and Protection
Be with us now Powers of Water

Light the candles on the altar (representing Goddess and God)
Invoke Goddess and God:
Hail to thee Sun Lord and Lady Moon
Grant us thy presence we beckon thee
Our rites are Never for ill Always for right
Be with us now this Blessed Night
Our circle is cast, safe and secure
Sacred space created for all that is pure
So Mote It Be.
Begin Ritual or Magickal Workings

Complete the ceremony with cakes and wine.

To close circle (snuff out candle flame as Guardians are thanked followed by Lord and Lady candles: 

Guardians of the Watchtowers we Thank thee.
Guardian of the West, we Thank you
Guardian of the South, we Thank you
Guardian of the East, we Thank you
Guardian of the North, we Thank you.
Sun Lord and Lady Moon, we Thank you for your presence.
This circle has ended
Our spell is cast; Our rite is done
This circle is free, released whole and pure
Open but Never Broken
This is our will
So Mote It Be

 Unknown Author

How to cast the Witches circle How to Cast a Circle?
  • Firstly, how much space do you need? Think this through first! How many people need to be in it? How much room is needed to work? Obviously the amount of space you have in the first place is going to be a factor but don’t underestimate how big a space you need and then wind up feeling cramped. 

  • To actually cast the circle, you can visualise your space or physically draw it out if this helps you. Whatever makes you feel happiest. You can mark out your circle using your hands, an athame, salt water, a piece of cord, by walking round the edge with a candle - or choose a method that feels personal to you. 

  • Represent the elements - the earth in the north, air in the east, fire in the south and water in the west. 

  • To add some ceremony and state your purpose, now you need to officially invoke the powers of the divine. If you have a particular affinity to a God or Goddess then call upon them and perform a ceremony that draw their powers. Otherwise you can invite the all encompassing God and Goddess into your circle and humbly ask that they protect and bless you. 

  • If you want to say some words to complete the process, than you should choose your own. It will help to make it feel a personal place to you. 

  • Ensure that you do not step outside your circle until you are done. To leave, you need to cut the circle with either an athame or a cutting motion with your hand. This is showing due respect to the energies around you and acknowledging the realness of their presence. 

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