Color Correspondences

BlackBanishing, endings, grounding, meditation, protection BlueFriendship, harmony, inspiration, sincerity, spirituality, understanding, wisdomBrownAnimals, earth energy, groundingGreenAbundance, employment, financial matters, money, prosperity, successOrangeEncouragement, justice, legal matters, luck, prosperityPinkAffection, friendship, happiness, relaxationPurpleMeditation, mental healing, personal growth, psychic abilities, spirituality, tranquilityRedCourage, love, passion, sexuality, strength, vitalityWhiteAny magick, lunar energy, peace, purity, spiritualityYellowCommunication, concentration, confidence, happiness, learning, mental abilities

Days of the Week

The days of the week are seen as significant in many ways.  Firstly, the days themselves are names after certain Gods and so if working with these Gods that might be a good time to petition them.  Otherwise, the days also have other correspondences.

Monday:  The day of the Moon.  Thusly it is good for work that involves female issues, emotions and the Mysteries.

Unsurprisingly, this day is ruled by the Moon. 
Tuesday:  Tyr’s Day.  Tyr was a Norse God, noted for his great valour in combat and his incredible honesty.  He was willing to sacrifice his hand so that the Gods could bind the great wolf Fenrir. 

The Romans marked this day by the God Mars, who is still the planet associated with Tuesday.  Workings for this day have definitely picked up the traits of Tyr and Mars, as today is regarded as a good time for works of discipline, courage, athletics and passion.
Wednesday:  Odin’s Day (Woden’s Day).  Odin was the All Father, chief among the Norse Gods.  He was seen to be the wisest of the Gods and tore out his own eye so that he might obtain the secrets of the Runes, which were later gifted to mankind.  Wednesday is ruled by the planet Mercury, who also shares some connection to the naming of the day from the Latin. 

This day has attained correspondences with both Odin and Mercury.  It is seen as seen as a good day for workings regarding wisdom and artistic pursuits, but also communication and travel.
Thursday:  Thor’s Day.  Thor was a God of Thunder and struck down his enemies using the magical hammer, Mjolnir.  Thursday was attributed to Jupiter by the Romans.  Jupiter, as an equivalent to Thor in the naming of the day, also wielded the power of the thunderbolt. 

The alignment of this day has kept more in connection to Jupiter (which is its ruling planet), than it has to Thor.  Thusly this day is good for workings that focus on leadership, prosperity, wealth and health. 
Friday:  Frigg’s Day.  Frigg is the wife of Odin and a Goddess associated with love, marriage, fertility and motherhood.  It is no surprise then that she should become the equivalent to Venus who marked this day for the Romans.  Venus is still the ruling planet of this day, which is why this day is best used for workings of love, romance, friendship, sex and beauty.
Saturday:  Saturn’s Day.  This is the only day that has retained a directly Roman name, in their God Saturn.  Saturn was the God of the harvest and so this day can be seen to be a time to reap rewards of labour and to put an end to work for a time.  Pretty appropriate for the start of the weekend, really.

However, Saturn is comparable also to the Greek God Cronus, the ruler of the Golden Age of man.  Cronus’ mythology shows him as a conqueror who attempts to gain and maintain his power.  This day mirrors that to a degree, as it is seen as good time for workings that involve removing obstacles and addressing problems.
Sunday:  The Day of the Sun.  Of course this day is rather unsurprisingly aligned with the Sun.  As the Sun is the ruler of the sky, today is a day for authority, success and sovereignty.  Preceding the feminine alignment of Monday, Sunday has masculine connections and so is a good time for performing workings that relate to men.

Magickal Correspondences

AgrimonyAir -- banish negativity, protection, sleepAllspiceFire -- courage, energy, prosperity, strengthAlmondAir -- money, wisdomAngelicaFire -- divination, exorcism, health, meditation, protectionAniseAir -- protection, psychic awareness, repel evil spiritsBasilFire -- happiness, med quarrels, sympathyBenzoinAir -- astral projection, prosperity, purificationBetonyFire -- protection against nightmaresBroomAir -- used to bless weddingsCarnationWater -- faminine energy, healing, strengthCedarFire -- good fortune, home purification, luckChamomileWater -- love, meditation, peaceCinnamonFire -- creativity, energy, financial mattersCloveFire -- banishing, loveCopalFire -- cleansing, purificationDamianaFire -- love, lustDillFire -- luck, money, protectionFennelFire -- healing, protectionFrankincenseFire -- exorcism, purification, spiritualityGalangalFire -- luck, money, psychic abilitiesGardeniaWater -- healing, love, peaceGingerFire -- courage, strength, successHazelAir -- divination, dreams, psychic abilitiesHollyFire -- luck, protectionHoneysuckleEarth -- creativity, healing, loveHorehoundAir -- exorcism, mental clarity, protectionHyssopFire -- purification, repel negativityJasmineWater -- dreams, sexualityLavenderAir -- dreams, love, meditation, protection, sleepLemongrassAir -- psychic abilitiesLilacWater -- divination, protectionMarigoldFire -- divination, dreams, legal mattersMeadowsweetAir -- love, peaceMintAir -- creativity, healing, prosperityMistletoeFire -- exorcism, fertility, protectionMugwortEarth -- divination, protection, psychic abilitiesMyrhhWater -- healing, purification, spiritualityParchouliEarth -- fertility, lust, moneyPineAir -- fertility, healing, prosperityRoseWater -- friendship, healing, loveRosemaryFire -- cleansing, exorcism, purificationRueFire -- banishing, protectionSageAir -- purification, repel negativity, wisdomSandalwoodWater -- exorcism, healing, spiritualityThymeWater -- courage, protection, sleepValerianWater -- love, protection, sleepVanillaWater -- courage, love, lustVervainEarth -- creativity, healing, love, prosperity, sleepWormwoodFire --  divination, exorcism, scryingYarrowWater -- banishing, love, psychic abilities



Magickal Correpondences

AmberFire -- magickal workings, protection, solar energyAmethystAir -- astral work, dreams, imagination, meditation, relieves stressAquamarineWater -- creativity, divination, imagination, relaxation, removes blocked energyAventurineEarth -- abundance, fertility, healing old emotions, optimism, prosperityBerylAir -- crystal gazing, intellect, scryingBloodstoneFire -- confidence, control over your life, luck, strengthBlue Lace AgateWater -- feminine energy, peace, relaxation, soothes headachesCarnelianFire -- astral travel, intuitive talents, prevent miscarriage, sexual energyChrysocollaWater -- emotional balance and healing, relieves depressionCitrineFire -- new beginnings, healing, hope, increased physical energyEmeraldEarth -- communication, love, protects against violenceFluoriteAir -- astral travel, confidence, creativity, inspiration, meditation, mental abilitiesGarnetFire -- courage, fertility, passion, prosperityHematiteEarth -- absorbing and grounding, balance energy flow, healingJadeWater -- dragons, good fortune, health, long life, prosperityJetEarth -- divination, Goddess energy, protectionLabradoriteAir -- spirit communication, imagination, releasing inhibitions, self-confidenceLapis LazuliWater -- love, peace of mind, psychic protectionMalachiteWater -- business success, good fortune, accident protectionMoonstoneWater -- clarity of thought, lunar energy, psychic mattersMoss AgateEarth -- new friends, plant magick, reveal deceitObsidianEarth -- inner strength, protectionOnyxEarth -- acquiring knowledge, endurance, hope, protectionPeridotEarth -- astral work, emotional healing, inspiration, protection from nightmaresQuartzAir -- focusing energy for any purposeRed JasperFire -- blood magick, passion, protection from nightmaresRose QuartzWater -- friendship, joy, love, self-healingSodaliteWater -- courage, creativity, intellect, protection on journeysTiger EyeEarth -- balance, mediation, protection, starting new businessTurquoiseWater -- divination, protection from psychic attacks, reconciliation

Charlie Daoine
5/18/2016 09:42:19

Odin did not tear out his eye to obtain the secrets of the runes....Have you even read the Poetic Edda?

Clay Rivers
5/18/2016 09:50:37

Please check your sources.... Odin did NOT tear out his eye to obtain the secrets of the runes. He did so to drink from the well of knowledge. He hung from Yggdrasil for nine days to obtain the secrets of the runes.
...and "the runes" does not even refer to the Elder Futhark, which was an alphabet that man created. The 18 runes of Odin have long been lost. Please stop feeding people this garbage. They might believe you.


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